Monday, November 30, 2009

"We're in the Nazi killin' business and cousin, business is a-boomin'."

I saw Inglorious Basterds a while back (long time ago) with Poppy, and I loved it!
Sure, the movie was two and a half hours long and almost all in German and French, but it ROCKED!
Tarantino does not disappoint!
It wasn't as good as the Kill Bills or and didn't reach the memorable caliber as Pulp Fiction and Res. Dogs, but by GOLLY it was good!
It was very Tarantino-y, but it was also cinematic.
Very movie-like.
Definitely one I want to add to my enormous movie collection.
Plus, it fed my monster of a deep interest in WWII.
And experiencing the French and German languages for that 2.5 hours opened a whole new world for me.
Languages are cool!
Now, I really want to speak French and German!
It was really cool to see Brad Pitt in a Tarantino.
What was even cooler to see was Tarantino's alternate ending to WWII.
Not to mention see that SOB Hitler get shot a couple hundred times then blown up.
So, overall kinda good movie.

Ode to My Bagel

Up until recently, I haven't had a bagel in over a year!
I like bagels.
Of course, with my picky eating I only like plain white bagels (I'm a bagel racist).
I usually cover the top of the open bagel halves with shredded cheese and stick it in the microwave until the cheese melts.
It amazingly delicious.
Well, I didn't have it for over a year because of the internal body explosion I had around a year ago that only affected my pancreas -_-".
I finally remembered how much I frickin' love bagels and nabbed some at the grocery store.
I enjoyed my BAGEL.


SO, I have this list.
Its a list of things that I need to blog about.
Its on my white board.
That I never use.
Well, I added to this list over and over and over and now I have all this crap I need to write about.
Everyday I'd look at it and just sigh and procrastinate more and more.
Procrastination is great with the help from Stumble (
I've been incredibly busy, but I have reserved this very empty Monday evening to update the crap out of this frickin' blog!
So, sit back, relax, pop a 'Tac and enjoy the following random of my day-to-day life.
Here's the stuff that was on the list, but didn't make the final cut-
"Sudoku->Free Time"
"Deviant Art"
"Having a Life V Wanting to Have a Life V NOT Wanting a Life"


Holy Strawberries Batman, indeed!
Its been way too long since I've updated.
Its about time I do.
Get ready for an onslaught of random and crazy shit.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Holy Strawberries, BATMAN!

I haven't posted an update since August!
That was such a long time.
I GOTTA update.
I plan on it!
I have my white board COVERED in blog topic stuff.
Its a mess, but I'll get it figured out.
There are so many things to tell!
Obtain the FRESHNESS!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Potatoes, Deaf People, Taking to Walls, Dialects-A-Plenty, Love, and Shopping...

What a crazy summer this has been.
Its August already!
I've lost track of time.
I joined the Speech and Debate team at school, and we have a summer "camp".
When you think "Speech and Debate" you think giving speeches and arguing.
Speech and Debate is quite profound now.
There is a giant umbrella of the divisions of Speech and Debate.
Its intense!
I joined the Speech half.
I am in the interpretation division.
I am involved in the thematic and dramatic interpretations.
Its been hardcore work and I am so tired!
But it'll be worth it when I win!
Speech camp is Monday-Friday 9-5:30!
PLUS, to cover my foreign language credits at school, I am taking a Sign Language night class.
It is on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 6-9:30 in Irvine.
Yeah, I'm tired.
So, back to Speech.
Thematic Interp (TI) is basically just this-A theme is selected and is supported by several scripts or poems.
My TI is on Potatoes.
Oh yeah.
I'm just THAT awesome!
In my TI, I have characters.
The character variation is crazy and if done well, gives me a terrible headache.
The first character is sexy and the script is sensual...and about potatoes.
The next character is an Irish woman, who I have officially named Hannah Simon, who is recounting the story of the Irish potato famine to her four grandchildren.
I NAILED the Irish accent, mind you!
But doing her pieces is hard because I have to LOOK like an old lady, so I'm bent over and crouched awkwardly.
Not too fun.
The next character is this peppy museum lady. I named her Bobbie Brian, because I can. Apparently she is from North Dakota. I had no idea that I could do a ND voice! As much as I absolutely ADORE this character, she makes my face hurt. She's smiles for the entire piece.
The next piece then contains four characters: Tom Thomson, Jon Johnson, Shelley Carr, and Jose.
Tom and Jon are newscasters for Channel Four News.
Shelley Carr is a seven-year-old girl who was mugged by Jose, who stole her potato and butter and sour cream.
Next, is Steven Shepherd Smith. I named him so. He is a seventeen-year-old who is recounting his story of when he was fifteen and he wanted to buy a gun and eventually carved one out of a potato....
Then we have a British potato rights activist.
Its quite an array of characters.
THEN, I have another piece.
Its a dramatic interp (DI)
DIs are different from TIs.
A DI is a single script.
Mine is titled "Heart of a Dog" by Terry Galloway.
Its about a deaf woman.
That was real fun to learn.
You'd think, growing up surrounded by deaf people, that I would be able to do a deaf voice easily.
Took me two weeks to get it down.
Now, I've got it and I frequently, accidentally slip into it...
We had a mini "mock" tournament for just us kids in the camp.
I made it to semi-finals with the potatoes TI, but my DI didn't make it.
Oh well, I'm still new.
~Grab a TicTac on your way out!
Stay FRESH...!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Trust Me... (a more..womanly blurb)

This morning I was getting ready to go to a 4th of July party at a family friend's house with my mom.
It will be by a pool, so I am wearing a bathing suit and this dress thingy (don't know what to call it, on account of my lack of dress knowledge, hating them and all) so I went to get something out of the bathroom to put my hair up and Mom comes in and stares at me.
Her jaw drops and she dramatically signs "cute".
"I FORGOT you had that! It is SOOOO CUTE!"
I just kind shrugged and continued doing my hair.
"And it makes your boobs look HUGE!"
"Thanks Mom" -_-
"No, you don't understand. Trust me, when you have boobs like these" gesturing to her own "You really want to have boobs like those" gesturing to mine.
"Great Mom. Just great..."

Friday, June 26, 2009


SO, I have this calendar in my room that I write all my plans in and everything is corridinated by color.
I have many plans this summer, so June and July are full on blinding with color and craziness.
There are a few, what I call "white days"or days that have no plans, thus they are white.
I have plans set on the calendar up until October.
But there are a lot of thing that are "TBD" and I hate them!
I like planning ahead and knowing what's going on, what's going to happen, etc.
When stuff is undecided it makes me FREAK!
I like knowing what I'm doing.
Not a crime.
I consider it a priviledge.
Some call it pathetic...
I don't see anything wrong with it.
Freshness, plz.

Introduction to Technology...

So my uncle recently was given an iTouch as a gift.
Thing is, the man has STKD!
For those of you who don't know what STKD is: Severe Technologic Knowledge Deficiency.
So my uncle has almost no clue to what he is doing.
But, he's getting some practice in and is beginning to learn the ways of modern technology!
Of course, there ARE moments when I need to help him.
Such as the time he asked me how to spell "bitch".
I admire his perserverence into the world of technology.
Its not easy to just jump into, but he did it.
Let's give him round of applause!
I love my uncle, but I couldn't resist blogging his little adventure.
Stay Fresh all.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

So, I bathed my CAT the other day...

The most horrific experience of my life!
I decided that my cat was disgustingly dirty, so Mom and I gave him a bath.
It was so sad; he hated it.
He was so upset, and he looked so small!
We finally got him completely wet and shampooed (Head and Shoulders, a MUST for all cats) then we dried him off, or rather, we tried to.
He was all...squirmy and stuff.
His fur stuck out in all directions and he looked REALLY small.
Poor guy.
I'll never do it again.
Stay Fresh, yeah?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


The other day it rained for several minutes, and I got very excited.
I grabbed my camera and shot some pictures.
Its not easy getting pictures of rain.
You'd think it would be simple, but I couldn't get what I was looking for.
Oh well.
I still have these shots.
I had hoped that a rainbow would show,
but then I realized there hasn't been a lot of sun lately...
My bad.
I will enjoy looking back at these pictures in
July, when I'm in LA, and its a thousand
degrees outside.
Ah, summertime in Southern California.
Not exactly my cup of tea.
Maybe, with all my plans and classes, I'll be too busy to notice the heat.
I hope so.

An Expert...

Someone called me "The Expert" today.
I was just working on a project for a teacher of mine, its a video montage for Theatre.
A couple of my friends have made this group for me, so I am having them do all this stuff that, well, that they would normally do.
It was just casually slipped into a conversation (actually it was a threat, but anyway)
and it made me realize, that people really think that I know what I'm doing.
I was taken back for a minute.
I was just doing what I thought would work, maybe what I think works, actually works!

Its Been a Good Year

Well, the my freshman year has come to a close.
Its been a fantastic year.
I have made so many friends and memories.
I will miss my seniors and I wish them well on their college adventures.
So, for my classes next year:
-English 2 Honors
-Drama 2/3
-World History
It'll be a fun year.
The whole, being in speech/being in drama thing will be interesting.
Southern California is currently in the midst of "June Gloom" and its GREAT!
Soaking in whatever cloudy-ness I can!
Its been a fantastic first year at FUHS and I can't wait to start the second one!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Recently, I convinced my newbie mother to make a Facebook, because she would then be connected to the world.
She now has one and has been on it FERVENTLY.
She has become quite the interwebz pro!
Today she sits at her computer on her Facebook, editing and such and I am sitting nearly three feet away on the floor blogging and looking at her "progress" and commenting on several of her pictures and she will intermittently say something that would usually make no sense to anyone not on our Facebooks, but makes perfect sense to us.
It's probably quite entertaining to watch, but since there is no one here but us and the multiple animals (who, I doubt, understand it) it might not be.
Hey mom!
What should we do for dinner?!

Friday, April 3, 2009


So I was looking at my pictures of myself on myspace today...
And I realized that I am SERIOUSLY conceited!
I know I am conceited, but this is crazy!

Going Back...

So I was looking back at my first posts and was amazed at the changes in my opinion on some things.
Here's the comparison:
I live with my mom and grandfather
and our
four cats and one dog.
I'm a freshman.
I'm in the drama department.
I am a rabid member of myspace.
Not so much anymore.
I LOVE anime and manga.
I am fascinated with Japanese culture.
I am a HUGE fan of Harry Potter and Twilight.
Yes, I am one of THOSE people.
Still one of 'em!
I am a total geek and I couldn't be more proud!
I am a member of my school's Comedy Club and Gamer's Guild.
WHat a match, huh?
My favorite animal is a dog.
Technically a wolf, but similar!
My favorite foods are: cereal, chocolate chip cookies (the ones my mom makes), and chocolate.
Hahahaha! Pre-Diabetes obsessions!
My favorite food NOW-Hot Dogs, String Cheese, Club and Cheddar Crackers, and Trader Joe's White Cheddar Popcorn!
My favorite drink is water!
Because I was always so thristy! I still like water, but Propel is nice, too!
My favorite soda is Coca Cola, because I'm just that cool!
REPLACED! By Coke Zero and Diet Mountain Dew Code Red...
My favorite restaurants are: Islands, Chiles, Yard House, and the Whole Enchilada.
My favorite color is green.
I support the GO GREEN thing.
I also support Product(red), fighting AIDS.
My favorite movies are(I can't pick just ONE): Dan in Real Life and Finding Nemo.
Any Pixar movie.
My favorite TV shows are: FRIENDS, Grey's Anatomy, House, and Desperate Housewives.
I am a big believer in chopsticks. I collect them!
Converse are the shiz!
I have a wide vocabulary!
I love writing.
I have two iPods.
TRUE but I gave one to my mom!
I love texting.
I am always taking pictures.
Most of the time they are of myself.
I am a sore loser and I'm not afraid to admit it.
I am a martial artist.
OK, OK! You got me! I'm a black belt!
So, really there's a lot to me!
TO really get it, reading opens the doors!

There's quite a few differences, then!
Stay Fresh!

The Economy is Down?

With all that I have been hearing, lately, about how the economy is damaged and blah blah blah and then I see gas prices are up, people are out doing expensive things, DISNEYLAND IS STILL FULL OF PEOPLE!
If people are running out of money, why are they still doing things that COST a lot of money???
It bothers me!
There was an assembly during school today, for the Prom theme release.
Last year there was very little dance interest so this year EVERYTHING has a theme, usually prom does though.
Some senior made some EPICily long video to release "NIGHT OF MAGIC" which is pretty much focused on Disney stuff and since it is at Disneyland, it makes sense.
Right before they kicked us all out of the assembly, they tell us the prices for admittance.
Ready for it?
$62 for general admittance WITH ASB (discounts usually aren't much for ASB but for Prom? Glad I have it)
WithOUT ASB the price is $102!
I'm sooo glad I'm not going!
I could if I wanted to, but with those prices?
I'll be staying home!
Maybe I'll crash the party with my freshy friends!
Who knows what I'll end up doing?
Stay Fresh and on the edge of your seat!
More updates throughout the week!

FUHS Hat Rebellion, Damn Yankees, and Mr Fullerton Competition

At my school we have a semi-strict dress code.
Personally, I have no problem with it.
Mainly, the big thing is
-No tube-tops
-No underwear revealing
Blah, blah, blah...
The BIGGEST issue, apparently, though, is the hat code.
The only hats that students may wear are the school's colors.
For some reason, that irks some students.
So a group formed to REBEL against it.
They handed out little flyers telling all students that want to change the dress code, to wear a hat that is not a school color.
That obviously didn't sit well with school administrators.
They were ready to confiscate all off-color hats.
And boy, did they!
Mr. Z and many other school "roamers", as I call them, confiscated at least a couple hundred hats!
At our break, many students rallied and yelled...obscenities to the administration.
It was quite interesting for someone to call out on Mr. Z.
A kid actually went up to him and said, "F' you Z!"
And for his "rebellious" nature, he gained a longer spring break, if ya know what I mean..!
I did not take part in this, fortunately.
I was talking with my friends just a staircase away.
At the end of the day, I came across Mr. Z, as I always do, and I said "Good afternoon" and he gave me a look and said, "Thanks for not wearing a hat today" I told him it was no problem and to enjoy his time off.
He smiled and took off to his office.
By the way, when I ran into him today, he had a large trash bag (you know the really big ones, the black ones janitors us on those GIGANTOR trash cans that could fit, like, ten freshman?) full of hats!
It was hilarious!
So, a failed attempt at FUHS history, yet again.
In other FUHS news, my Drama teacher put on his very first spring musical and it went very well!
We preformed DAMN YANKEES throughout late March.
It was a great experience for me and I had a great time!
I met some new people (hard to believe they were people I still hadn't met) and made new friends.
I ran the spot light for the show, well they were two of them, me and my friend, Olivia, ran them together.
I don't know too much about it, but one of my favorite guys at school (so funny, I have trouble breathing!) is in it and I want to see him do all the stuff!
The competition is very similar to something like Miss America or what have you.
Several categories.
It will be very exciting to see!
Especially swimsuit and talent!
Stay fresh!

Woah! Long Time no Type!

A thousand updates coming your way!

Thursday, March 5, 2009


So, I was in Biology the other day.
Recently, we've been talking about evolution.
And, of course, someone asked the most amazingly freshman question.
"Are there gay animals?"
Mrs. H said someone asked that before.
. . .
It's true.
She had this amazing story too!
There was this zoo in Germany (omg don't get my started on Germans).
And in the penguin exhibit, they had all MALE penguins.
And when penguins pick their mate, its over and done!
Their decision is final!
No cheating, affairs, or divorce!
Sounds nice, right?
. . . 
So the stupid German zookeepers decide they should introduce female penguins to the exhibit to get the males to mate with the females.
So, they put the females in the exhibit with the GAY penguins.
And what ended up happening?
The gay male penguins KILLED (yes, as in cold-blooded murder...) all of the female penguins!
I know!
What have we learned?
-German zookeepers are idiots.
-We need to stay away from those gay penguins (seriously)
Us girls gotta watch our backs.
Them gay penguins gonna cut them straight girls who try to interfere with the gay penguin lovin'!
Stay fresh and stay away from those damn gay penguins!

OMG another update...what's wrong with me...?

I'm getting really bad at this updating thing...
Well, for starters, I'm doing better and better with the Diabetes!
School's going ok.
Could be better, could be worse.
I don't think I said anything about it, but, like, RIGHT before I was diagnosed my Gameboy was stolen, along with my favorite game.
(Geek? Yes, yes I am.)
Just got my new DS, payed for it myself, thank-you-very-much!
-insert snooty face-
But, hooray!
I get to maintain my geek status!
Lately, Mom and I have been relaxing...

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Quick and Speedy Update...

Just want to jot down some stuff that I"ll later delve into.
While you read this, imagine me talking REALLY fast, I've got this hyper thing going on so it'll sound better if its thought fast.
So, school was boring as always, but the spring musical is EVER LOOMING around the corner!
This weekend was POW WOW!
Or if you look at it upside down!
It wasn't much.
I had fun with my friends though.
The theme was 2-D, which, like the most random dance theme EVER, but yeah.
So everyone was some cartoon character!
Super fun!
I hung out with my girl, Melly!, who was Rainbow Brite, but really just looked like an ad for Gay Pride!
My big thing now is the YouTube sensation (i think it is) the WhatTheBuckShow!
Who doesn't love a guy who's so-obviously-gay-he-might-not-be, loud, flaming, YouTuber?
I love his rags on Miley and Chris Brown!
Liek, what tha buck!
OMG, J-Hud is an inspiration!
I'll give better details later on, when I can calm down and not have the sudden urge to run in cirlse.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Why do I love Pixar movies?

Again, I think I've already said it, but I have been watching Pixar movies lately.
They are my favorite movies in the whole world.
In the past few weeks, I've managed to watch them all with and without their commentary.
That's my favorite thing to do with movies, too.
I enjoy the originality of it and then I study the little things in the background and learn so many new things about the things I love.
There's so much to a computer animated movie.
It's incredible.
I highly recommend watching Toy Story 1&2, A Bug's Life, Monster's Inc., Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Cars, and Wall-E again and play the commentary with it.
These men are so incredible and talented and all the people that work within Pixar's large walls are so incredibly talented as well, and they really do such an amazing job and you would really never notice unless it is pointed out to you and it would just be ignored.
Some people would believe that the computer does most of the work, but it really doesn't.
There are actual PEOPLE who sit in front of the screen for hours making sure of every little detail (emotions, movement, lighting, backdrop, etc) to make it all so believable.
I deeply admire the people of Pixar.
They have such talent and skill and perseverance that gets them to the very end.
That's why I love Pixar movies.
People are just THAT dedicated.
In times like this, where we are such a desolate and pathetic nation, its hard to believe that there are still people who can do so well and be so encouraged to work so hard.
It blows me away.
I love Pixar, not just for the entertainment, but also the people who work hard to do it right.

Holy Mackerel!

It's been a LONG time since I last updated!
Well, I'm gonna catch everything up to speed.
I won't be to detailed though.
But, at least I'll get the job done.
Alright, starting this past weekend.
It was Valentine's Day weekend and mom and I had a "sleep-over" with a long-time friend of ours.
We had a blast!
We giggled and laughed out loud.
We played Whoonu and us girls played Twister (I won EVERY TIME!)
We watched Dan in Real Life.
It was nice.
Nice to get away from everything and just smile and laugh and have a good time.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Looking Back...

I was just looking at when I started this blog.
It was just a few days before I was diagnosed with Diabetes (BTW I decided to capitalize it).
It's so crazy.
Its hard to believe that I was diabetic  even when I started this and I didn't even know it.
That just was, like, huge to me.
THat's the way it goes.

My Leave of Absence...

It's been a while, totally sorry!
My computer crashed (damn Windows, I'll get you Bill Gates!) and I was unable to get it working again for days!
I was lucky to have a family friend, who is exceptional with computers, in town.
He dedicated two full days to getting this piece of shit up and running once more.
Thanks, man.
I'm currently working on a research project, so I gotta get back to it, but when I'm done, hopefully I'll be able to make some more updates before I dive HEADFIRST into the week.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

It Never Rains in California? 2-7-09

So, this morning I helped load in a set into the theatre.
It was so much fun!
Then, I got to practice working with the spot light.
But, earlier, I had checked my blood sugar and it was 60 (which is low) so I ate some SMARTIES (just the right amount of candy to get my number up) and I didn't feel any better, but I went back to working.
When I checked it again, it had gone DOWN!
It should have gone up!
It made no sense!
Then I thought that it could have been because of the heavy set pieces.
Finally, my numbers got back to normal and I go to eat my lunch.
I had pasta and chips and ice cream!
What a meal for a diabetic, right?
It was POURING down rain earlier, too.
Now, its sunny.
What the HELL?
Well, that's Southern California for ya!
There's a song that says that it never rains in California.
That song is all-LIES!
Alright, I'm out!


Ah, Friday!
A day that does so many things!
It opens the weekend, gives me time to update my blog, ah YES!
It feels nice to have the blog updated.
So, Friday.
In AVID (this class I have) I built a tower out of paper cups (small ones), tape (the yellow kind), and popsicle sticks (not used).
It turned out pretty awesome.
In Biology, I learned that a friend of mine is color-blind.
It made me kinda sad.
It's a hard thing to live with.
It rained!
Hooray for correct weather!
I mean, the other day it was sunny and cold-everything was wrong!
I was, like, "Only in Southern California, in January, can you wear a sweater and sunglasses."
Now, its raining!
So, I watched Little Miss Sunshine.
Its so funny!
Then Mom, Poppy, and I went to Islands for dinner.
After dinner I watched Monsters, Inc.
I LOVE that movie!
I've been watching a lot of Pixar lately.
They're REALLY  good!
Its not just for kids!
I watched The Incredibles last week.
LOVE that one too!
And Finding Nemo and Toy Story!
I went online to check all my stuff and randomly Googled (love how its a verb now) Virtual Pets and FooPets came up.
I am now the proud owner of Tara, the female Rottweiler, and Paul, the male Tuxedo Cat.
Ever since I saw this one episode of Family Guy with the guy who had a cat named Paul (he even said that "Paul's no name for a cat") I needed it.
I just HAD to have a CAT named Paul.
Now, I do!
And I couldn't be happier!
I highly recommend FooPets!
Alright, I'm gonna finish up!
I'm going to do spot lights for my school's spring musical.
Email me, text me, myspace me for more info!
And I'm loading up in a set on Saturday.

Good Thing I like Meat and Cheese...2-4-09

I'd like to start off today with a question.
Have you ever realized that mexican is all very similar?
It's always: TORTILLA, BEANS, other assorted MEAT, CHEESE, and occasionally other vegetables.
Look, think about it:
-TACO: Tortilla, Meat, Lettuce, and Cheese (and sometimes tomatoes)
-Burrito:Tortilla, Cheese, and Beans
-Gordita:Tortilla, Cheese, Tortilla, Meat, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Cheese
-Nachos:Tortilla CHIPS and Cheese
-Quesadilla:Tortilla, Cheese, Meat, Tortilla.
It's all the same.
Total eye-opener, right?
So, how are you?
So, there's this song that I really like!
It's called SUSHI, but has nothing to do with anything asian.
It's by this guy, Kyle Andrews.
It just gets me so energized!
I'm off!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Two Third-Graders and a Teenager...2-2-09

So, I went to an all-day diabetes class last Monday.
Hold on!
I have a question!
Do I capitalize 'diabetes'?
Ya, know? Because its a -whisper-disease-whisper-?
I'm totally unsure!
Diabetes class!
It got me out of of school!
Yet, after going through THAT, I'd prefer school.
The class was for recently diagnosed kids, like me!
But, I didn't learn anything!
Nothing, diabetes related, that is.
They split the kids from the parents.
So, it was me, this nine-year-old, John, and eight-year-old, Victoria.
John is such a little genius!
He was so cute!
He even said he is the smartest kid in his class! 
It made me laugh!
It was so cute!
Then there was little Victoria.
She wasn't much of a talker, which is very hard for me to understand.
Eight-year-old girl=NEVER QUIET!
But, both of them seem VERY intelligent!
Maybe the disease has matured them.
I don't know.
So, I spent several long hours with them.
Finally, lunch came and I left.
I ate at TACO BELL!
I got 2 tacos (crunchy, duh!) and nachos, but that only makes out to 57 carbs.
So, to equal my 75 carbs, for my meal, I go to eat the majority of a CANDY BAR!
I was so happy!
After lunch, I had a Doctor's appointment.
We were in that clinic from 9.15 am to around 3.30 pm.
Before we left, they wanted to run a few tests, so they had to draw blood.
Not my favorite thing to do.
I fished through my iPod for a nice, loud song.
I settled on "Ichirin no Hana" by High and Mighty Color. Ichirin no Hana translates to "a single flower" 
It's a very good Japanese Metal (also known as J-Metal) song.
So, I blasted it and focused on a wall of pictures.
Which, was actually, QUITE  interesting.
Metal to smiling kids.
The guy drew a smily face on a band-aid and stuck it to my arm.
It made me SO HAPPY!
Later that night, my great-grandma (who's 97 by the way) ended up in the hospital.
So, mom and I were there a while.
We gave up and went home.
I had dinner and my night snack and watched John and Kate plus 8.
I LOVE those kids!
I'm a big fan of asians, so a show about a family of them?
If you've never seen/heard of John and Kate + 8, check it out.
It's on Mondays at 9.00 pm on TLC

Super Bowl Number-What? 2-1-09

As you know, due to over-publicity, Super Bowl Sunday was this past Sunday.
Many people asked me if I was going to watch the game.
I told them all NO.
That's what I thought, anyway.
By the end of the night, I was learning the ways of the game.
My poor uncle bet and lost $100, so he didn't join me, Mom, Poppy, and Grandma.
We forgave him.
And laughed at him.
But when my friends asked me why I wasn't doing the whole "Super Bowl Party Wahoo..."-thing, I told them its hard for me to be around all that food that I can't eat.
But, I ended up watching it anyway, I still don't really understand football.
Oh, well.
Earlier that day, Mom and I went to the Swap Meet and I got a few things.
You can get anything there, and its super CHEAP!
Nothing better!
Who doesn't love a good deal?
Huh? Huh?
So, I got some sunglasses and a purse.
Now, this purse is the SHIT!
It's huge, red and has black zebra stripes!
I'm in LOVE with it!
Alright, later!
Until next time, 

Saturday, January 31, 2009


I went back to school yesterday...
It was nice to see everyone again.
Everyone was so nice and sweet.
There were quite a few changes, due to the new semester.
My algebra class was spent not paying attention and explaining my 'situation' to my friends in that class, all two of them!
Just Rachel and Pedro.
I went to my new class, AVID and my teacher had us play a game that involved candy.
It sucked.
They got to eat it all at the tend, but I couldn't.
I'm ok though.
In my Bio class, we are working on a presentation so I just did some research.
During my break I caught up with some of the kids from Theatre. then in Theatre class we had some laughs.
There are quite a few new faces in the class.
Not as many as my fifth period, though.
There are so many new people in my computer animation class.
It's so different.
I'm so used to that being a quiet class, now they all run around and yell.
But in my sixth period, I didn't even get to do anything because my friends kept asking me questions.
It was nice to get it out and talk about it, but I wish I had found out something that I had missed.
Overall, it was a good day.

Have You Ever Counted Your Goldfish?

I am learning so much about food now!
I have to have a certain amount of carbs, right?
So, I'm, like, counting out my chips.
I have to make sure its the right amount and I have to eat every-single-one!
It's pretty complicated, but its going well.
Carb-countin' ain't easy!

Blood Sugar and Carbs and Insulin, Oh MY!

I'm gonna start off by getting straight to the point.
I have type 1 diabetes.
Now, I can give you the full and detailed story.
This blog will cover nearly 27 hours worth of information.
If you scroll down, it is LONG.
I wouldn't blame anyone for just skimming, but there will be details.
It all started about a month ago when I got my chest cold and I was always hungry and thirsty.
I was ALWAYS eating and drinking.
I went through, like, 15 water bottles a day.
It was incredible.
And we didn't know why.
I gradually got thinner and paler and I just REALLY didn't look good.
My mom figured I was just growing (I wish! 5'3'' is so close!).
My grandma, who hadn't seen me for around a week or so, pointed out that something was WRONG.
All my friends at school would be, like, "Madi, you look like CRAP!" and I'd be like, "Thanks guys..."
I jut thought it was a really bad chest cold.
My grandma thought it was Mono.
And my mom thought I was growing.
Finally, on Monday morning, my mom talked to the nurses in her office and told them that I was drinking a lot and eating a lot and I lost some weight and this and that and they all got very quiet and looked at one of the nurses, who said, "That's not Mono, you need to have her checked for Diabetes."
And, not even half an hour later, I texted my mom saying I didn't feel well, so she picked me up and took me to my pediatrician.
We were going to go to the appointment at 3.30, but we rescheduled to 11.30.
Mom told me that it might be Diabetes and I was in SHOCK.
I was frightened by it.
The one word scared me so much more then anything at the time.
She kept saying, "Don't worry." "Remember, it might not be" etc, etc.
We sat in the waiting room for almost 20 minutes.
Then we sat in an exam room for another 15.
Finally, the girl came in and gave me a cup to pee in.
I was like, -_-.
So, I go to the bathroom and go through this whole "wrong key" thing.
Pretty much, I was walking down a long hall with a cup and keys for a few minutes, but it was very aggravating. 
When I brought it back, they tested it and the results from my keytones showed that I have diabetes.
My pediatrician just said, "You have diabetes. Go to CHOC hospital ER. Now." 
She had no expression.
Just -_-.
As soon as I heard her say, "You have-" I burst into tears.
See, I'm not the kind of person who cries, like, EVER.
Literally, I never cry.
So we left for the hospital and we waited in the waiting rooms and filled out forms.
And they, the emergency room people, put us in a room in the back of the emergency room.
Over and over I answered questions (the same ones over and over and over. Don't these people write shit down and COMMUNICATE???) and met new doctors or nurses or people in scrubs (I don't know WHAT they were) and the whole time, I was crying.
I was in a gown, another thing that set me into a fit of tears.
They had a lady come in to hook me up to an IV, Debbie (I'll never forget that BITCH).
I thought she was going to dissect the inside of my elbow!
It was not good.
They were giving me saline.
I needed fluids, bad.
They tested my blood sugar and it came up around 436, and its supposed to be around 100.
My numbers were high, and it wasn't good.
By the time half of the saline bag was empty, I had stopped crying.
We had arrived at the emergency room around, maybe noon and stopped crying around 5.30 and remember I started crying in the pediatrician's office.
So, they told us that I was going to be admitted.
At about 7.45 my favorite guy, Ron, comes in and tells me I got a room.
It was such a relief.
So we wheeled me through all of these hallways and stuff.
Finally, I was in room 401-1.
There, I met a nurse I didn't like who took away my food. 
But she left and wasn't coming back 'til I was gone.
I had some very nice nurses.
My night nurse was the best.
So we met with my Endocrinologist, a VERY small, asian woman.
She told me a few things about diabetes.
I had several nurses prick my fingers for my blood sugar, and I became used to it very fast.
I'm the kid that was always DEATHLY afraid of needles, but now I'm all good.
It didn't bother me, but my numbers were a little high, which did bother me.
But the doctors said that it would be like that for maybe a few months, because my pancreas is still making insulin, but my body just isn't recognizing it.
The diabetes explained EVERYTHING, the thirst and hunger and stuff.
Because of the IV, I didn't sleep that night.
Every two hours nurses came in to check my blood pressure and sugar, so it was pointless to.
The food at the hospital was incredible, too!
I had soup, turkey sandwiches, beef, angel food cake, and all kinds of really good food.
It was in select portions.
They told me that I could only eat a certain amount of carbs per meal.
That's what I have to revolve around, carbs.
For breakfast, lunch, and dinner, I have to have 75 carbs, exactly.
And I have two 30 carb snacks between breakfast/lunch and lunch/dinner or b/l and after dinner.
Two of my old, Jr High teachers came to visit me (not enjoyed by me! did not want to see them again) and told me that everything was going to be ok.
I just rode through the night.
The next day, my mom and I met with a woman who would be giving us the majority of our Diabetes Education.
We learned a lot from her.
She gave me my blood sugar stuff, the poker and the meter and strips and little pokey things.
She gave us stuff for me to keep at school.
She taught us about insulin, and how to mix it and administer it.
Later that day we met a dietician who asked me what kind of food I like to eat and I listed off things like burgers, pasta, steak, and stuff like that and she said that I could eat them.
She was, instantly, my favorite person in the building.
Any kind of meat or cheese or fat food I can eat whenever. 
They're called "free foods" and they are awesome.
So, I can have ham or string cheese if I want to eat, but can't have any carbs.
For stuff, like pasta and sugary food I have to count the carbs and make it a part of the meal or snack.
The dietician taught me and Mom how to do that and it was the greatest thing, ever!
Throughout the day we learned more and more about the disease and became better educated on the details.
That night I gave myself insulin for the first time.
It wasn't easy, but I did it and it went well.
I was pretty happy and Mom was so proud!
I got to go home that night.
It was so nice to not be in the hospital anymore.
To be in my actual home was so much better!
I was still feeling pretty crappy (who wouldn't after being told you're diseased?)
The next morning was rough, but later I took a shower and felt a million times better.
I have had [knowledge of] this disease for six days now and I am doing pretty good.
It's a long path and there's lots to learn along the way.
Let's see how I do!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"Don't Steal Puppies, Son..."-1/24/09

Alright, the other night, I was watching "The Smoking Gun, World's Dumbest-Criminals 6"
A countdown of 20 idiots who don't know what the hell they're doing.
I'm gonna tell you some of my favorites.
1)So the first one shows two guys breaking into an occupied house. They tell everyone to get on the ground can cover their heads. Then they grab all the puppies from the house (there was a litter of purebred puppies) and take off. There was a security camera that caught both of the boys' faces and later that day the video was streamed on the news and one of the boys was turned in... by his father. 
2)Have you ever heard the one about the three guys who crashed their van into an ATM?... Wait. I think I told the joke wrong... Not! It's not a joke. Three guys drove their van into an ATM. What If were they trying to accomplish? "Hey! If I hit the ATM, maybe the money will come out!" Wow. Some people are really pathetic.
3)Stupid drunk lady/nutcracker. Oh, yes! This lady is pulled over for a D.U.I., right? So, the cop tries to get her to the car and she tries to run and he pins her to the car and she nails him in the crotch THREE TIMES! Dude! It was incredible. 
4)So a guy walks into a 7-11 and buys some gum then starts hitting on the cashier! She pulls a PIECE on him and nails him in the shoulder, the side, and the leg! Dude! Remember, you're in Texas? (it was in Texas) EVERYBODY HAS A GUN IN TEXAS
5)My FAVORITE of the night. The two little boys, like 8-year-old boys, walk into a POLICE STATION and demand MONEY! The cops catch them and the kids were yelling, "We're just kidding!"
6)Alright, a grown man with a mullet and no shirt walks into a convenience store and tries to steal cigarettes and the cashier locks him in and he break THROUGH THE DOOR, the cops catch him and take him away right from the sidewalk. FAIL!
7)A guy attempts to attack a convenience store owned by an old lady. She pulls out a box of licorice and beats him with it and he ran off screaming! EPIC FAIL! OLD LADYS OWN ALL!>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<
Some of these people are just SO pathetic it is sad.
I watched this show in TruTv.

Brief Message for Updates

I have been gone for a while and it is all VERY worthy of updates.
So, I have set myself time to do these posts.
There'll be just a few, but they'll be lengthy!
I feel the need to be detailed.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Black in the Morning

This morning I woke up (still sick, mind you) and headed out to my martial arts studio.
Driving in the rain makes my mom a little nervous, but its always fun!
So, this morning I watched another one of my students reach BLACK BELT.
It was so exciting, because he has been working so hard.
It makes me very proud to know that i taught him and got him to where he is now.
It was also sad because his father, who was at every class and test for him, could not make it to the MOST crucial and exciting test.
A lot of us are a family at Moo Yea Do, so owe took plenty of pictures and videos and called him several times to keep him updated.
IT was a great test and it was very up lifting.
I feel so bad that I couldn't be on the floor with him.
I normally would run the test (yelling out the demands etc...) but I am still sick and not in any condition to be yelling.
So, I sat on the bench outside the floor, in my street clothes (versus the uniform/normal clothes) and watched.
He did very well and I am so proud of him!
I can't wait to see him get his belt!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Yes We Can!

History was made last Monday with the inauguration of Obama.
How awesome is that?
There were so many people there!
Even Muhammad Ali was there!
It was amazing.
I watched a little bit of it before school.
It is so awesome.
I love how Obama said "Muslims" in his acceptance speech.
It is so amazing.
I'm so glad!
Well, let's see how it turns out!

Finals are done!

I finished with my finals today!
Yesterday, I had my Algebra, Biology, and 3-D Computer Animation.
It was a pretty smooth day.
Today was my last day in my AP Human Geography, and I'm so happy! 
I feel so much better, so much stress just lifted!
Anyway, I'm so excited!
AND, I don't have school tomorrow.
I'm still sick with a chest cold, but I'll be better.
At least I hope so!
I'm just gonna watch FRIENDS for a few hours.
Me, Mom, and Poppy will go out to Outback for dinner.
I've been wanting to go for a while and now we are!
Today is Thursday, so Grey's Anatomy will be on tonight!
All kinds of goodies today!
I just feel so relieved to be done with FINALS!

Monday, January 19, 2009

A Chat with Poppy...

For those of you who don't know, I call my grandpa, "Poppy"

Anyway, so I was sitting with Poppy at the dining room table and we just talked about a lot of things.
We talked a lot about technology, as we always do.
I was complaining to mom about texting on a standard format (like 1abc 2def etc (versus a QWERTY)) and he didn't get it, so I ended up explaining all that is texting to him.
He laughed when he finally understood the standard VS QWERTY.
We talked about the iPhone (a frequent topic in our discussions) and the Apple macbooks.
We talked about my favorite, the recycled one.
Its so cool!
I told him about HP's new laptop and how Dell is starting to pick up again.
We eventually just shut up and relaxed.
It's a nice day, today.

It's quite sunny for a January afternoon.
That's what I get for living in SoCal, eh?
So, one of my new neighbors came out of his house and went to his car.
Nothing about him seemed off to me.
He was dressed quite plainly.
White hat (backwards), white t-shirt, and some khaki shorts with Nikes.
I just let it pass, but Poppy looked a little 'iffed'.
He said, "There's just something about guys that wear their hats backward. It's so stupid. Makes 'em look like an IDIOT. Why don't you wear your teeth backward and eat your own throat, asshole?"
I just laughed and laughed.
He was just so plain about it, though.
It was so funny!
I just got up made some lunch.

I'm New...

Hi, I'm Madisen and I'm a blogging virgin...

I wanted to start a blog so I could have the many amazing moments of my life written down for me to look back on.
Well, I guess I should start with a little bit about me.
I go by Madi ( I used to spell it Maddy, but I changed it.... because Imma REBEL! hehehehe:) )
I live with my mom and grandfather and our four cats and one dog.
I'm a freshman.
I'm in the drama department.
I am a rabid member of myspace.
I LOVE anime and manga.
I am fascinated with Japanese culture.
I am a HUGE fan of Harry Potter and Twilight.
Yes, I am one of THOSE people.
I am a total geek and I couldn't be more proud!
I am a member of my school's Comedy Club and Gamer's Guild.
WHat a match, huh?
My favorite animal is a dog.
My favorite foods are: cereal, chocolate chip cookies (the ones my mom makes), and chocolate.
My favorite drink is water!
My favorite soda is Coca Cola, because I'm just that cool!
My favorite restaurants are: IslandsChilesYard House, and the Whole Enchilada.
My favorite color is green.
I am support the GO GREEN thing.
I also support Product(red), fighting AIDS.
My favorite movies are(I can't pick just ONE): Dan in Real Life and Finding Nemo.
My favorite TV shows are: FRIENDSGrey's AnatomyHouse, and Desperate Housewives.
I am a big believer in chopsticks. I collect them!
Converse are the shiz!
I have a wide vocabulary!
I love writing.
I have two iPods.
I love texting.
I am always taking pictures.
Most of the time they are of myself.
I am a sore loser and I'm not afraid to admit it.
I am a martial artist.
OK, OK! You got me! I'm a black belt!
So, really there's a lot to me!
TO really get it, reading opens the doors!

Welcoming Me...

I am just moving here from MyBlogSite so I will pull some of my old stuff to introduce myself from there.
I hope to having a great following and some serious fun...!