Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Its Been a Good Year

Well, the my freshman year has come to a close.
Its been a fantastic year.
I have made so many friends and memories.
I will miss my seniors and I wish them well on their college adventures.
So, for my classes next year:
-English 2 Honors
-Drama 2/3
-World History
It'll be a fun year.
The whole, being in speech/being in drama thing will be interesting.
Southern California is currently in the midst of "June Gloom" and its GREAT!
Soaking in whatever cloudy-ness I can!
Its been a fantastic first year at FUHS and I can't wait to start the second one!


  1. Dont forget your history class.....

  2. oh, I also forgot to say, you had a great year and I am very proud of you! you handled many of your 'crisis' with grace and patience. I am so humbled at how wonderful you are... Luv you very much.... Mom