Saturday, February 7, 2009

Two Third-Graders and a Teenager...2-2-09

So, I went to an all-day diabetes class last Monday.
Hold on!
I have a question!
Do I capitalize 'diabetes'?
Ya, know? Because its a -whisper-disease-whisper-?
I'm totally unsure!
Diabetes class!
It got me out of of school!
Yet, after going through THAT, I'd prefer school.
The class was for recently diagnosed kids, like me!
But, I didn't learn anything!
Nothing, diabetes related, that is.
They split the kids from the parents.
So, it was me, this nine-year-old, John, and eight-year-old, Victoria.
John is such a little genius!
He was so cute!
He even said he is the smartest kid in his class! 
It made me laugh!
It was so cute!
Then there was little Victoria.
She wasn't much of a talker, which is very hard for me to understand.
Eight-year-old girl=NEVER QUIET!
But, both of them seem VERY intelligent!
Maybe the disease has matured them.
I don't know.
So, I spent several long hours with them.
Finally, lunch came and I left.
I ate at TACO BELL!
I got 2 tacos (crunchy, duh!) and nachos, but that only makes out to 57 carbs.
So, to equal my 75 carbs, for my meal, I go to eat the majority of a CANDY BAR!
I was so happy!
After lunch, I had a Doctor's appointment.
We were in that clinic from 9.15 am to around 3.30 pm.
Before we left, they wanted to run a few tests, so they had to draw blood.
Not my favorite thing to do.
I fished through my iPod for a nice, loud song.
I settled on "Ichirin no Hana" by High and Mighty Color. Ichirin no Hana translates to "a single flower" 
It's a very good Japanese Metal (also known as J-Metal) song.
So, I blasted it and focused on a wall of pictures.
Which, was actually, QUITE  interesting.
Metal to smiling kids.
The guy drew a smily face on a band-aid and stuck it to my arm.
It made me SO HAPPY!
Later that night, my great-grandma (who's 97 by the way) ended up in the hospital.
So, mom and I were there a while.
We gave up and went home.
I had dinner and my night snack and watched John and Kate plus 8.
I LOVE those kids!
I'm a big fan of asians, so a show about a family of them?
If you've never seen/heard of John and Kate + 8, check it out.
It's on Mondays at 9.00 pm on TLC

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