Saturday, January 24, 2009

Black in the Morning

This morning I woke up (still sick, mind you) and headed out to my martial arts studio.
Driving in the rain makes my mom a little nervous, but its always fun!
So, this morning I watched another one of my students reach BLACK BELT.
It was so exciting, because he has been working so hard.
It makes me very proud to know that i taught him and got him to where he is now.
It was also sad because his father, who was at every class and test for him, could not make it to the MOST crucial and exciting test.
A lot of us are a family at Moo Yea Do, so owe took plenty of pictures and videos and called him several times to keep him updated.
IT was a great test and it was very up lifting.
I feel so bad that I couldn't be on the floor with him.
I normally would run the test (yelling out the demands etc...) but I am still sick and not in any condition to be yelling.
So, I sat on the bench outside the floor, in my street clothes (versus the uniform/normal clothes) and watched.
He did very well and I am so proud of him!
I can't wait to see him get his belt!

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