Monday, February 15, 2010


An umbrella is a powerful invention. It brings people closer together.

Speech and Debate-NOT WHAT IT SEEMS

I am on the Speech and Debate team at my school, and whenever people hear that, its immediately "EW" or "I debated in my high school's team"
Its not decathalon no mo'!
Its an intricate art!
Debate, is too complex for me to explain.
But I can explain the Speech half.
There are persuasive speeches and interpretations.
Persuasive speeches are about issues in the world/local community that the world/you needs to fix and how to fix it.
Dramatic-a DRAMATIC piece (movie, play, story, scripted thing) that is cut to 10 mins and done in the performer's own interpretation of it.
The same goes for Humorous.
Duo- is the same except with two people. Plus, they cannot look or touch each other.
Then, Thematic is a collection of scripts to support a similar theme.
Like, I had one about potatoes.
Didn't do well.
Then there is Oratorical...
It is a speech previously made to the public by a public figure.
Then, prose/poetry which is an original, unpublished script.
Suck a 'Tac.

Gosh, I'm so Modest!

My pic was so old, so I sifted through my recent Nikon folders, and first one I found is the one I used, and I realized-I'm so pretty!!!! But it is a lot of work on the camera's part... : D

Sunday, February 14, 2010

I'm Blogging Again, I Frickin' Promise!

I'm in the Blogging business again!
I capitalized it, oh well!
Well, I'm hilarious and I should share my comedy with all....6 of you...
I'm gonna blog again.
At a reasonable hour.
But for something to do:
Check out my gorgeous photography:
Pop a 'Tac and enjoy!