Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"Don't Steal Puppies, Son..."-1/24/09

Alright, the other night, I was watching "The Smoking Gun, World's Dumbest-Criminals 6"
A countdown of 20 idiots who don't know what the hell they're doing.
I'm gonna tell you some of my favorites.
1)So the first one shows two guys breaking into an occupied house. They tell everyone to get on the ground can cover their heads. Then they grab all the puppies from the house (there was a litter of purebred puppies) and take off. There was a security camera that caught both of the boys' faces and later that day the video was streamed on the news and one of the boys was turned in... by his father. 
2)Have you ever heard the one about the three guys who crashed their van into an ATM?... Wait. I think I told the joke wrong... Not! It's not a joke. Three guys drove their van into an ATM. What If were they trying to accomplish? "Hey! If I hit the ATM, maybe the money will come out!" Wow. Some people are really pathetic.
3)Stupid drunk lady/nutcracker. Oh, yes! This lady is pulled over for a D.U.I., right? So, the cop tries to get her to the car and she tries to run and he pins her to the car and she nails him in the crotch THREE TIMES! Dude! It was incredible. 
4)So a guy walks into a 7-11 and buys some gum then starts hitting on the cashier! She pulls a PIECE on him and nails him in the shoulder, the side, and the leg! Dude! Remember, you're in Texas? (it was in Texas) EVERYBODY HAS A GUN IN TEXAS
5)My FAVORITE of the night. The two little boys, like 8-year-old boys, walk into a POLICE STATION and demand MONEY! The cops catch them and the kids were yelling, "We're just kidding!"
6)Alright, a grown man with a mullet and no shirt walks into a convenience store and tries to steal cigarettes and the cashier locks him in and he break THROUGH THE DOOR, the cops catch him and take him away right from the sidewalk. FAIL!
7)A guy attempts to attack a convenience store owned by an old lady. She pulls out a box of licorice and beats him with it and he ran off screaming! EPIC FAIL! OLD LADYS OWN ALL!>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<
Some of these people are just SO pathetic it is sad.
I watched this show in TruTv.

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