Monday, January 19, 2009

A Chat with Poppy...

For those of you who don't know, I call my grandpa, "Poppy"

Anyway, so I was sitting with Poppy at the dining room table and we just talked about a lot of things.
We talked a lot about technology, as we always do.
I was complaining to mom about texting on a standard format (like 1abc 2def etc (versus a QWERTY)) and he didn't get it, so I ended up explaining all that is texting to him.
He laughed when he finally understood the standard VS QWERTY.
We talked about the iPhone (a frequent topic in our discussions) and the Apple macbooks.
We talked about my favorite, the recycled one.
Its so cool!
I told him about HP's new laptop and how Dell is starting to pick up again.
We eventually just shut up and relaxed.
It's a nice day, today.

It's quite sunny for a January afternoon.
That's what I get for living in SoCal, eh?
So, one of my new neighbors came out of his house and went to his car.
Nothing about him seemed off to me.
He was dressed quite plainly.
White hat (backwards), white t-shirt, and some khaki shorts with Nikes.
I just let it pass, but Poppy looked a little 'iffed'.
He said, "There's just something about guys that wear their hats backward. It's so stupid. Makes 'em look like an IDIOT. Why don't you wear your teeth backward and eat your own throat, asshole?"
I just laughed and laughed.
He was just so plain about it, though.
It was so funny!
I just got up made some lunch.

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