Sunday, February 8, 2009


Ah, Friday!
A day that does so many things!
It opens the weekend, gives me time to update my blog, ah YES!
It feels nice to have the blog updated.
So, Friday.
In AVID (this class I have) I built a tower out of paper cups (small ones), tape (the yellow kind), and popsicle sticks (not used).
It turned out pretty awesome.
In Biology, I learned that a friend of mine is color-blind.
It made me kinda sad.
It's a hard thing to live with.
It rained!
Hooray for correct weather!
I mean, the other day it was sunny and cold-everything was wrong!
I was, like, "Only in Southern California, in January, can you wear a sweater and sunglasses."
Now, its raining!
So, I watched Little Miss Sunshine.
Its so funny!
Then Mom, Poppy, and I went to Islands for dinner.
After dinner I watched Monsters, Inc.
I LOVE that movie!
I've been watching a lot of Pixar lately.
They're REALLY  good!
Its not just for kids!
I watched The Incredibles last week.
LOVE that one too!
And Finding Nemo and Toy Story!
I went online to check all my stuff and randomly Googled (love how its a verb now) Virtual Pets and FooPets came up.
I am now the proud owner of Tara, the female Rottweiler, and Paul, the male Tuxedo Cat.
Ever since I saw this one episode of Family Guy with the guy who had a cat named Paul (he even said that "Paul's no name for a cat") I needed it.
I just HAD to have a CAT named Paul.
Now, I do!
And I couldn't be happier!
I highly recommend FooPets!
Alright, I'm gonna finish up!
I'm going to do spot lights for my school's spring musical.
Email me, text me, myspace me for more info!
And I'm loading up in a set on Saturday.

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