Friday, April 3, 2009

FUHS Hat Rebellion, Damn Yankees, and Mr Fullerton Competition

At my school we have a semi-strict dress code.
Personally, I have no problem with it.
Mainly, the big thing is
-No tube-tops
-No underwear revealing
Blah, blah, blah...
The BIGGEST issue, apparently, though, is the hat code.
The only hats that students may wear are the school's colors.
For some reason, that irks some students.
So a group formed to REBEL against it.
They handed out little flyers telling all students that want to change the dress code, to wear a hat that is not a school color.
That obviously didn't sit well with school administrators.
They were ready to confiscate all off-color hats.
And boy, did they!
Mr. Z and many other school "roamers", as I call them, confiscated at least a couple hundred hats!
At our break, many students rallied and yelled...obscenities to the administration.
It was quite interesting for someone to call out on Mr. Z.
A kid actually went up to him and said, "F' you Z!"
And for his "rebellious" nature, he gained a longer spring break, if ya know what I mean..!
I did not take part in this, fortunately.
I was talking with my friends just a staircase away.
At the end of the day, I came across Mr. Z, as I always do, and I said "Good afternoon" and he gave me a look and said, "Thanks for not wearing a hat today" I told him it was no problem and to enjoy his time off.
He smiled and took off to his office.
By the way, when I ran into him today, he had a large trash bag (you know the really big ones, the black ones janitors us on those GIGANTOR trash cans that could fit, like, ten freshman?) full of hats!
It was hilarious!
So, a failed attempt at FUHS history, yet again.
In other FUHS news, my Drama teacher put on his very first spring musical and it went very well!
We preformed DAMN YANKEES throughout late March.
It was a great experience for me and I had a great time!
I met some new people (hard to believe they were people I still hadn't met) and made new friends.
I ran the spot light for the show, well they were two of them, me and my friend, Olivia, ran them together.
I don't know too much about it, but one of my favorite guys at school (so funny, I have trouble breathing!) is in it and I want to see him do all the stuff!
The competition is very similar to something like Miss America or what have you.
Several categories.
It will be very exciting to see!
Especially swimsuit and talent!
Stay fresh!

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  1. Did they have a swimsuit and talent part? Haha the dancee was funny though.