Friday, April 3, 2009

The Economy is Down?

With all that I have been hearing, lately, about how the economy is damaged and blah blah blah and then I see gas prices are up, people are out doing expensive things, DISNEYLAND IS STILL FULL OF PEOPLE!
If people are running out of money, why are they still doing things that COST a lot of money???
It bothers me!
There was an assembly during school today, for the Prom theme release.
Last year there was very little dance interest so this year EVERYTHING has a theme, usually prom does though.
Some senior made some EPICily long video to release "NIGHT OF MAGIC" which is pretty much focused on Disney stuff and since it is at Disneyland, it makes sense.
Right before they kicked us all out of the assembly, they tell us the prices for admittance.
Ready for it?
$62 for general admittance WITH ASB (discounts usually aren't much for ASB but for Prom? Glad I have it)
WithOUT ASB the price is $102!
I'm sooo glad I'm not going!
I could if I wanted to, but with those prices?
I'll be staying home!
Maybe I'll crash the party with my freshy friends!
Who knows what I'll end up doing?
Stay Fresh and on the edge of your seat!
More updates throughout the week!

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