Sunday, February 22, 2009

Quick and Speedy Update...

Just want to jot down some stuff that I"ll later delve into.
While you read this, imagine me talking REALLY fast, I've got this hyper thing going on so it'll sound better if its thought fast.
So, school was boring as always, but the spring musical is EVER LOOMING around the corner!
This weekend was POW WOW!
Or if you look at it upside down!
It wasn't much.
I had fun with my friends though.
The theme was 2-D, which, like the most random dance theme EVER, but yeah.
So everyone was some cartoon character!
Super fun!
I hung out with my girl, Melly!, who was Rainbow Brite, but really just looked like an ad for Gay Pride!
My big thing now is the YouTube sensation (i think it is) the WhatTheBuckShow!
Who doesn't love a guy who's so-obviously-gay-he-might-not-be, loud, flaming, YouTuber?
I love his rags on Miley and Chris Brown!
Liek, what tha buck!
OMG, J-Hud is an inspiration!
I'll give better details later on, when I can calm down and not have the sudden urge to run in cirlse.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Why do I love Pixar movies?

Again, I think I've already said it, but I have been watching Pixar movies lately.
They are my favorite movies in the whole world.
In the past few weeks, I've managed to watch them all with and without their commentary.
That's my favorite thing to do with movies, too.
I enjoy the originality of it and then I study the little things in the background and learn so many new things about the things I love.
There's so much to a computer animated movie.
It's incredible.
I highly recommend watching Toy Story 1&2, A Bug's Life, Monster's Inc., Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Cars, and Wall-E again and play the commentary with it.
These men are so incredible and talented and all the people that work within Pixar's large walls are so incredibly talented as well, and they really do such an amazing job and you would really never notice unless it is pointed out to you and it would just be ignored.
Some people would believe that the computer does most of the work, but it really doesn't.
There are actual PEOPLE who sit in front of the screen for hours making sure of every little detail (emotions, movement, lighting, backdrop, etc) to make it all so believable.
I deeply admire the people of Pixar.
They have such talent and skill and perseverance that gets them to the very end.
That's why I love Pixar movies.
People are just THAT dedicated.
In times like this, where we are such a desolate and pathetic nation, its hard to believe that there are still people who can do so well and be so encouraged to work so hard.
It blows me away.
I love Pixar, not just for the entertainment, but also the people who work hard to do it right.

Holy Mackerel!

It's been a LONG time since I last updated!
Well, I'm gonna catch everything up to speed.
I won't be to detailed though.
But, at least I'll get the job done.
Alright, starting this past weekend.
It was Valentine's Day weekend and mom and I had a "sleep-over" with a long-time friend of ours.
We had a blast!
We giggled and laughed out loud.
We played Whoonu and us girls played Twister (I won EVERY TIME!)
We watched Dan in Real Life.
It was nice.
Nice to get away from everything and just smile and laugh and have a good time.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Looking Back...

I was just looking at when I started this blog.
It was just a few days before I was diagnosed with Diabetes (BTW I decided to capitalize it).
It's so crazy.
Its hard to believe that I was diabetic  even when I started this and I didn't even know it.
That just was, like, huge to me.
THat's the way it goes.

My Leave of Absence...

It's been a while, totally sorry!
My computer crashed (damn Windows, I'll get you Bill Gates!) and I was unable to get it working again for days!
I was lucky to have a family friend, who is exceptional with computers, in town.
He dedicated two full days to getting this piece of shit up and running once more.
Thanks, man.
I'm currently working on a research project, so I gotta get back to it, but when I'm done, hopefully I'll be able to make some more updates before I dive HEADFIRST into the week.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

It Never Rains in California? 2-7-09

So, this morning I helped load in a set into the theatre.
It was so much fun!
Then, I got to practice working with the spot light.
But, earlier, I had checked my blood sugar and it was 60 (which is low) so I ate some SMARTIES (just the right amount of candy to get my number up) and I didn't feel any better, but I went back to working.
When I checked it again, it had gone DOWN!
It should have gone up!
It made no sense!
Then I thought that it could have been because of the heavy set pieces.
Finally, my numbers got back to normal and I go to eat my lunch.
I had pasta and chips and ice cream!
What a meal for a diabetic, right?
It was POURING down rain earlier, too.
Now, its sunny.
What the HELL?
Well, that's Southern California for ya!
There's a song that says that it never rains in California.
That song is all-LIES!
Alright, I'm out!


Ah, Friday!
A day that does so many things!
It opens the weekend, gives me time to update my blog, ah YES!
It feels nice to have the blog updated.
So, Friday.
In AVID (this class I have) I built a tower out of paper cups (small ones), tape (the yellow kind), and popsicle sticks (not used).
It turned out pretty awesome.
In Biology, I learned that a friend of mine is color-blind.
It made me kinda sad.
It's a hard thing to live with.
It rained!
Hooray for correct weather!
I mean, the other day it was sunny and cold-everything was wrong!
I was, like, "Only in Southern California, in January, can you wear a sweater and sunglasses."
Now, its raining!
So, I watched Little Miss Sunshine.
Its so funny!
Then Mom, Poppy, and I went to Islands for dinner.
After dinner I watched Monsters, Inc.
I LOVE that movie!
I've been watching a lot of Pixar lately.
They're REALLY  good!
Its not just for kids!
I watched The Incredibles last week.
LOVE that one too!
And Finding Nemo and Toy Story!
I went online to check all my stuff and randomly Googled (love how its a verb now) Virtual Pets and FooPets came up.
I am now the proud owner of Tara, the female Rottweiler, and Paul, the male Tuxedo Cat.
Ever since I saw this one episode of Family Guy with the guy who had a cat named Paul (he even said that "Paul's no name for a cat") I needed it.
I just HAD to have a CAT named Paul.
Now, I do!
And I couldn't be happier!
I highly recommend FooPets!
Alright, I'm gonna finish up!
I'm going to do spot lights for my school's spring musical.
Email me, text me, myspace me for more info!
And I'm loading up in a set on Saturday.

Good Thing I like Meat and Cheese...2-4-09

I'd like to start off today with a question.
Have you ever realized that mexican is all very similar?
It's always: TORTILLA, BEANS, other assorted MEAT, CHEESE, and occasionally other vegetables.
Look, think about it:
-TACO: Tortilla, Meat, Lettuce, and Cheese (and sometimes tomatoes)
-Burrito:Tortilla, Cheese, and Beans
-Gordita:Tortilla, Cheese, Tortilla, Meat, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Cheese
-Nachos:Tortilla CHIPS and Cheese
-Quesadilla:Tortilla, Cheese, Meat, Tortilla.
It's all the same.
Total eye-opener, right?
So, how are you?
So, there's this song that I really like!
It's called SUSHI, but has nothing to do with anything asian.
It's by this guy, Kyle Andrews.
It just gets me so energized!
I'm off!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Two Third-Graders and a Teenager...2-2-09

So, I went to an all-day diabetes class last Monday.
Hold on!
I have a question!
Do I capitalize 'diabetes'?
Ya, know? Because its a -whisper-disease-whisper-?
I'm totally unsure!
Diabetes class!
It got me out of of school!
Yet, after going through THAT, I'd prefer school.
The class was for recently diagnosed kids, like me!
But, I didn't learn anything!
Nothing, diabetes related, that is.
They split the kids from the parents.
So, it was me, this nine-year-old, John, and eight-year-old, Victoria.
John is such a little genius!
He was so cute!
He even said he is the smartest kid in his class! 
It made me laugh!
It was so cute!
Then there was little Victoria.
She wasn't much of a talker, which is very hard for me to understand.
Eight-year-old girl=NEVER QUIET!
But, both of them seem VERY intelligent!
Maybe the disease has matured them.
I don't know.
So, I spent several long hours with them.
Finally, lunch came and I left.
I ate at TACO BELL!
I got 2 tacos (crunchy, duh!) and nachos, but that only makes out to 57 carbs.
So, to equal my 75 carbs, for my meal, I go to eat the majority of a CANDY BAR!
I was so happy!
After lunch, I had a Doctor's appointment.
We were in that clinic from 9.15 am to around 3.30 pm.
Before we left, they wanted to run a few tests, so they had to draw blood.
Not my favorite thing to do.
I fished through my iPod for a nice, loud song.
I settled on "Ichirin no Hana" by High and Mighty Color. Ichirin no Hana translates to "a single flower" 
It's a very good Japanese Metal (also known as J-Metal) song.
So, I blasted it and focused on a wall of pictures.
Which, was actually, QUITE  interesting.
Metal to smiling kids.
The guy drew a smily face on a band-aid and stuck it to my arm.
It made me SO HAPPY!
Later that night, my great-grandma (who's 97 by the way) ended up in the hospital.
So, mom and I were there a while.
We gave up and went home.
I had dinner and my night snack and watched John and Kate plus 8.
I LOVE those kids!
I'm a big fan of asians, so a show about a family of them?
If you've never seen/heard of John and Kate + 8, check it out.
It's on Mondays at 9.00 pm on TLC

Super Bowl Number-What? 2-1-09

As you know, due to over-publicity, Super Bowl Sunday was this past Sunday.
Many people asked me if I was going to watch the game.
I told them all NO.
That's what I thought, anyway.
By the end of the night, I was learning the ways of the game.
My poor uncle bet and lost $100, so he didn't join me, Mom, Poppy, and Grandma.
We forgave him.
And laughed at him.
But when my friends asked me why I wasn't doing the whole "Super Bowl Party Wahoo..."-thing, I told them its hard for me to be around all that food that I can't eat.
But, I ended up watching it anyway, I still don't really understand football.
Oh, well.
Earlier that day, Mom and I went to the Swap Meet and I got a few things.
You can get anything there, and its super CHEAP!
Nothing better!
Who doesn't love a good deal?
Huh? Huh?
So, I got some sunglasses and a purse.
Now, this purse is the SHIT!
It's huge, red and has black zebra stripes!
I'm in LOVE with it!
Alright, later!
Until next time,