Friday, June 26, 2009


SO, I have this calendar in my room that I write all my plans in and everything is corridinated by color.
I have many plans this summer, so June and July are full on blinding with color and craziness.
There are a few, what I call "white days"or days that have no plans, thus they are white.
I have plans set on the calendar up until October.
But there are a lot of thing that are "TBD" and I hate them!
I like planning ahead and knowing what's going on, what's going to happen, etc.
When stuff is undecided it makes me FREAK!
I like knowing what I'm doing.
Not a crime.
I consider it a priviledge.
Some call it pathetic...
I don't see anything wrong with it.
Freshness, plz.

Introduction to Technology...

So my uncle recently was given an iTouch as a gift.
Thing is, the man has STKD!
For those of you who don't know what STKD is: Severe Technologic Knowledge Deficiency.
So my uncle has almost no clue to what he is doing.
But, he's getting some practice in and is beginning to learn the ways of modern technology!
Of course, there ARE moments when I need to help him.
Such as the time he asked me how to spell "bitch".
I admire his perserverence into the world of technology.
Its not easy to just jump into, but he did it.
Let's give him round of applause!
I love my uncle, but I couldn't resist blogging his little adventure.
Stay Fresh all.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

So, I bathed my CAT the other day...

The most horrific experience of my life!
I decided that my cat was disgustingly dirty, so Mom and I gave him a bath.
It was so sad; he hated it.
He was so upset, and he looked so small!
We finally got him completely wet and shampooed (Head and Shoulders, a MUST for all cats) then we dried him off, or rather, we tried to.
He was all...squirmy and stuff.
His fur stuck out in all directions and he looked REALLY small.
Poor guy.
I'll never do it again.
Stay Fresh, yeah?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


The other day it rained for several minutes, and I got very excited.
I grabbed my camera and shot some pictures.
Its not easy getting pictures of rain.
You'd think it would be simple, but I couldn't get what I was looking for.
Oh well.
I still have these shots.
I had hoped that a rainbow would show,
but then I realized there hasn't been a lot of sun lately...
My bad.
I will enjoy looking back at these pictures in
July, when I'm in LA, and its a thousand
degrees outside.
Ah, summertime in Southern California.
Not exactly my cup of tea.
Maybe, with all my plans and classes, I'll be too busy to notice the heat.
I hope so.

An Expert...

Someone called me "The Expert" today.
I was just working on a project for a teacher of mine, its a video montage for Theatre.
A couple of my friends have made this group for me, so I am having them do all this stuff that, well, that they would normally do.
It was just casually slipped into a conversation (actually it was a threat, but anyway)
and it made me realize, that people really think that I know what I'm doing.
I was taken back for a minute.
I was just doing what I thought would work, maybe what I think works, actually works!

Its Been a Good Year

Well, the my freshman year has come to a close.
Its been a fantastic year.
I have made so many friends and memories.
I will miss my seniors and I wish them well on their college adventures.
So, for my classes next year:
-English 2 Honors
-Drama 2/3
-World History
It'll be a fun year.
The whole, being in speech/being in drama thing will be interesting.
Southern California is currently in the midst of "June Gloom" and its GREAT!
Soaking in whatever cloudy-ness I can!
Its been a fantastic first year at FUHS and I can't wait to start the second one!